SOLID!! There is no shortage of overrated burger places, & I've tried my fill of spots with "the worlds greatest burgers" & Most severely disappoint. Fortunately for you, Yak's is the real deal.

Totally on the level with the best burgers out there: (a DIY homegrilled, umami, the office, Dutch goose, Oinkster to name a few) ingredients and craftsmanship were quality from bun to bun. (Including the sticky buns)

A well balanced craft beer selection from various breweries will satisfy the beer lovers again and again.

BOTTOM LINE-- if you like hamburgers, then you owe it to yourself to experience Yak's

Spencer B.
Los Angeles, CA


I came in this morning for a sticky bun and some coffee. They were very busy but the staff was very friendly. They sat me as soon as they could. The service and food was excellent and since I had to wait a while for my table to be ready the server gave me a coffee on the house, which was very nice! The best sticky buns and coffee around!

Matt S.
Huntington Beach, CA


Again we traveled from vancouver Washington to Yaks 6 hours for our favorite restaurant. Being that we live next to the food capital of the world (portland, or) I can safely say this place is rated #1 in my food blog. All of the food is good. It is hard to say which meal to eat, breakfast lunch or dinner. I would say after eating here four times that dinner and breakfast are a close tie. The burgers are amazing but the breakfast is to die for. It is so hard to choose. The best I can offer is to stay the night and have both. Lastly if you are into good beer then this is the place to go.

Thank you to the wonderful owners Nancy and Mike for being the nicest people my family has met. They both love what they do and make you feel at home. Until next time!

Charles H.
Rineyille, KY


Choose this place with all the reviews on yelp, we decided between this place and another and stopped here first and it looked nice. We ordered coffee and were given a French press , the coffee was good. I had the ham and cheddar omelet and my partner had the hill billy hash, both were very good. The portions were huge, I could not finish. As a breakfast appetizer our server brought us a cinnamon bourbon roll which was very good. It was a great find and I would definitely go back here again if we were in the area. Our wait person was a young college age girl who lived in Weed, she was very friendly and welcoming.

Rich A.
Ansonia, CT


I AM SO BUMMED THIS PLACE IS SO FAR FROM WHERE I LIVE. I can't believe in the middle of almost no-where, resides one of the better restaurants I have ever been too. My husband and I were driving back from Oregon and decided to stop in for lunch. There was one server for the whole restaurant and she was AWESOME! I don't know how in world she was able to give her undivided attention to every single table in the restaurant.

Also! Of course the food was amazing! My husband got a burger, and a week and half later, he was still talking about that damn burger. I had a salad that was seriously massive, and the poppy seed dressing was beyond scrumptious. But what really made my day was the caramel, sticky pecan roll. OH MY GAWD. i should have bought a dozen and brought it home to freeze. The roll was light and fluffy and doused in a light caramel sauce right before she handed it to us... AND the best part was that it was so large we were able to share it (twice!)

And for you coffee lovers, you also receive a large french press full of coffee when you order a "cup." The server even brought me a togo cup for the rest when we were ready to leave!

Vanessa H.
Sacramento, CA Ansonia, CT


This is that kind of happy coincidence review -- here I am, moving solo in my tiny little car, from Portland to San Francisco. My car just happened to start to bottom out on gas here in Dunsmuir, so that's what I stopped for. But then, at the gas station, I saw a sign!

No, really, a big sign said "25% Off Your Meal with Fillup". Okay, call me a bit of a bargain hunter, but I figured this very eclectic-looking diner (from the outside) couldn't be SO bad, so I gave it a shot. Boy was I rewarded for my relatively mild adventurism.

Breakfast was the Andouille and Cajun Shrimp Hash. I can't believe Portland, land of all that is made into a hash, hasn't thought of this yet -- oh wait, it was actually spicy! Seriously, there was flavor here, and portion size, and especially with the gas special, value for my dollar.

The service was so wonderful as to elicit an automatic 30% tip -- she was just friendly and quick, without rushing me as I type this. The ambiance reminds me of a coffee shop that just happens to sell excellent food. I have a feeling that the chef is professionally and classically trained -- as when I asked about one of his signature dish's gluten content, I heard him respond "It's a traditional Bechemel, of course it has flour." He wasn't being mean -- just honest.

The coffee (I'm no aficionado but...) is served right in front of you in your very own freshly-ground french press. I know places in Seattle and Portland that would be jealous of this kind of treatment. And as I was leaving, the chef had a serious conversation with me about building his own hydroponic herb garden in the basement so that he could locally source more ingredients. Insane levels of sustainability and quality to be found at a roadside stop!

The view of I-5 won't bother you -- just look past to the pine trees and low-hanging clouds. A beautiful place to stop and refuel in more ways than one!

Jake P.
San Francisco, CA